Patient Identification Wristband



Product Description

Patient Identification Bands is used for safety purposes. Patient misidentification continues to result in medication, transfusion, testing, wrong person procedures and the discharge of infants to wrong families. Today, with as many as one million people harmed by errors during treatment at hospitals each year, identification of patient using wristbands helps minimize medical errors and administrative issues can be handled efficiently.

Bio-X offers optimal and secure patient identification solutions for healthcare facilities. Color coding of wristbands facilitates rapid visual recognition of specific issues and can be modified as per the requirements of the organization. We offer patient identification solutions for admissions, blood, mother and baby, pediatrics, disaster response, outpatient and emergency room purposes.

Category: Patient identification.
Tags: Identification-Bracelet, ID-band, Wristlet.

Advantage: waterproof / tearproof / abrasion resistant

includes patient information:

receipt date
patient sex
bed number

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